Comparison will kill you

I haven’t written in my blog for just over a year, so I thought why not start back up with something that I think many people are surrounded by but are not aware of.
I think we’re all so used to comparing ourselves to our family, friends and now people that we don’t know and probably won’t ever meet – with the help of social media. But do we even realise that we’re doing it? I can confess, I honestly follow a lot girls on Instagram and most of my friends do too, we literally show each other profiles of girls – we’re not obsessed, I swear. 
The thought of being someone else, who looks like they have everything together just seems so appealing, but why? Their hair, make-up, boyfriend, friends, family, even pet just seem so perfect. But are they? Do they really have the same blessing that you have when you see your grandparents? Do they have health on their side? Do they have a good and sensible head on their shoulders? I’m not saying, no-one can be perfect… We’re all perfect to someone.
But.. Why do we feel like they have something that we don’t, that we have to be like them, that we have to write #goals and tag our friend under their picture? That person could have very low self-confidence, so feel like they need to act different on social media. The truth is, so many people act different on social media, to the point if you ever saw them in real life, they probably wouldn’t look or act the same as you would think they do. 
And as more and more people are joining these social networks, they are becoming less confident and more concious of their looks or about their personal situations. Someone they follow might have a better job or better car, which you would think is motivational.. But it turns out, many young and even middle age people are getting anxious about university, jobs, cars, clothes and things they can’t even change such as their looks – ok, it can be changed by plastic surgery but to me, that shouldn’t really be in the head of any person.. Why are we getting anxious about things we don’t have? The time we spent worrying about those things, we could have already been half way to achieving them!
It’s good to have goals, it’s also good to work towards those goals at your own pace. Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 21.
If someone has better hair than you, STOP USING SHITTY HAIR PRODUCTS AND APPLIANCES. – your hair might actually become nicer than theirs.
If someone has a better job than you, CHALLENGE YOURSELF, GAIN MORE KNOWLEDGE, PROGRESS WITHIN YOUR COMPANY OR FIND A BETTER JOB. – you might end up with a better job role than them. 
If someone has a better car than you, SAVE UP FOR A NICE CAR RATHER THAN BUY CLOTHES EVERY WEEK.
Whatever it is, instead of always comparing yourself to them, find ways to make whatever you feel is missing into a goal, and then work on that goal as if you were only going to live for the next 80 years.. Wait, that’s actually possible, or it could be only 40 years. 
Guess it’s time to stop comparing.

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