"Before becoming a Sikh, a Muslim, a Hindu, or a Christian, let’s become human first."

Everyone has a different mindset therefore everyone has different thoughts on what is right and wrong. Does that give people the right to act in a certain way that may be disrespectful to others if they find it quite normal?

Everyone had a different upbringing. A lot of the stereotypes, one about white kids getting away with everything and coloured kids getting beat up when they even raise their voice, is a common one. But does that just show how white people ended up using people of colour as slaves, did they have too much of a voice? And were people of colour too surpressed in their personal lives to the point they felt they could definatley not say anything now? 
Obviously, times have changed a lot. And it isn’t about race anymore but more about the country that you live in. Developed countries such as England gives many people the freedom of speech but not everyone uses it to it’s advantage. Many people moan about something on tv but do not see the bigger picture that we are not even communicating with each other anymore and would rather sit infront of a television. Underdeveloped countries such as India, do not have many luxuries that England does, a safe public transport system, free hospitals, free education and they definatley do not have freedom of speech. 
So, with that being said, would it be okay for someone from England to go to India and start complaining about the goverment such as they do here. No. They would most likely be taken into prison and be beaten by the Indian police force for speaking bad of the government. That’s just normal for India. 
But is it okay for people of different background to say whatever they want in this country. By background, I do not mean race or religion, I am referring to their upbringing and their past. To me, you should respect those that respect you. But someone who had an abusive past will most likely be abusive if aggravated, is it then okay for them to act like that or no? A few years ago I heard about a man murdering a young girl that was on her way to school and his EXCUSE was ‘mental illness’… Death should not be caused by another human, period. I understand some people are not in control of their actions, but, they must have friends or family, and if it was down to mental illness, surely they would have recognised that from an earlier stage? But mental illness is different from a past life or experience. 
Many people do not have the ideal childhood that they would have wished for. But does that give an excuse to be aggressive to people. Does that give anyone the right to treat someone as of they were lesser than them? 
We treat each other as if we are different but in all honesty we all have to same body parts, were born the same way and we will all eventually die. The human race has gone through the most horrific times and even now with a war in Syria, yet we cannot come together and help each other to become a greater nation. So many people are negative in life and that causes there life to go down the same route of their thought process so why do they do it? Why do they look for negatives before positives? Why do people moan about late buses when they should be glad they aren’t walking? Why do people wake up wishing they didn’t have to go study or work but not be glad they get the chance to make their life greater? 
Even seeing people struggle in a busy town centre and so many people will walk past but no one will help. Why? Do we have too much pride or do we feel that no one helped us, therefore we will not help either. If we break the cycle, maybe peoples first reaction will be to help rather than ignore. 
We all come from different backgrounds and experiences, but we are all still one. 

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