When will it all stop?

Why does racism exist? Is that a question that can be answered? What is it about differences in skin that can cause such a national mess? Is it worrying that racism is still active in 2014? 

When the first slaves were brought to the developed countries such as Britain and the United Kingdom, it was seen as normal to use and abuse people of colour. Do some people now, still think the same way?
I think the first thing to establish is what is Rasicm? Verbal Rasicm is still an attack, the worst is putting a group of ethnicities together and objecting them as a ‘thing’. Using one word to describe a race or religion. For example, using the word terrorist for Pakistanis is racist, yet it is considered so normal for people to think and state that Pakistanis are terrorists. Not long ago, a girl said to me and a few others, ‘when I think of Muslims, I just think of terrorists and bombs’. Note – I was the only Asian person there, and the only person that felt disgusted, the rest laughed while I sunk my head into my top while thinking of how delisional people actually are. I only have one Muslim friend, she is a Bengali and happens to not be a terrorist… Therefore, who put that label on them? The goverment? The media? A group of people at a higher power? Or simply just the stupidity of the public? 
On that note, all the murders that are in the news lately… Especially in America, have many white police officers involved. Now what is completely opposite to a white police officer, maybe a black boy with no power? I say no power, to justify that this boy has no power compared to a police officer, especially if the police officer is apart of one of many gorvening practises. But, why all of a sudden is there many murders at one time? Why are so many young black men getting murdered by white police officers? When I read a story in the newspaper I always think, what does the race, age or job of a person have to do with their story? A child could be 5 years of age living in India but have gone through more than a 30 year old living in Britian. Your age does not define who you are. My nan is in her early 60s and still works night shifts, but yet, does it matter that she is in her early 60s? Or does it matter that she is a human and still working hard for her money and is still paying her taxes. An old white lady might be robbed but so might a Persian young lady, either way, the problem is there. Instead of focusing on the victims life details, focus on the culprit. Do not focus on how NOT to get robbed. Focus on do NOT rob! I understand there maybe patterns in some crimes due to age, gender and race, but that is not always the case! 
 My point is, why do the media have to point out the WHITE police officer and BLACK young man. I completely understand that Rasicm is still alive and needs to be acknowledged. But separating ourselves more to cause more afflictions is the worse solution. Black people are labelling white people as the enimey or in this case the white police officers but that is not always the case. Just as when white people labelled the black as slaves and useless, that was definitely not the case. There is no use blaming a group of people for one thing unless it was all of them that was involved. In my eyes, we as human are going around and around in circles. We aren’t coming together to become a nation of human but a nation of seperate races fighting for ourselves. 
But, why all of a sudden? Did the police get together and decide to do this? And then got the courts and judges involved to ensure the safety. Or is it a higher doing? Has it ever occurred that someone maybe framing the police? Using them to get their message across? The police are the #1 gorvening practises that have the most communication with the public and are seen as ‘protecting’ us the most, it’s easiest for them to kill than any other group of people… As we can see. I will never be able to understand the black families that are going through situations such as these, even if someone in my family died as a result of Rasicm. It’s clear that black people as a community, have going through a lot of Rasicm, to me, more racism that many other races. And it is the race that has had their stories most exposed. The Jews were slaves for the Egyptians at one time, but it did not last as long as the fight against black and white. 
I guess what I’m trying to ask is, when will it is stop? 

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